Monday, January 12, 2009

wish I was just overreacting

This whole CPSIA thing has me so worn out. The very idea of how easy it apparently is for our government to pass a bill so quickly and quietly that We, the People are only finding out about it as the damage is beginning to happen. How ready they are to eliminate China's American competition, to drive a stake in the heart of what economists call the heartbeat of the American economy (small business/ cottage industry) when we are already in a resession. Oh, I could say so much. But I am about out of words. (you can read about it here)
Right now I am going to go to bed and pray myself to sleep. And try not to cry anymore at the thouhgt of kids being banned from libraries. My dear Grandmother would not have been able to bear that one, and this makes me realize another way I am like her. Bittersweet.

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