Thursday, January 15, 2009

sometimes random beauty is the best medicine


Jenni said...

I really think I need to look for more songs by Coldplay. I'm not very familiar with them, but every time I hear one of their songs I like it. Of the few songs I've heard, there seems to be a hopeful quality in the music itself. There's sadness too, but the way the music rises and swells or (in this song) the way the piano plays consistantly higher and "brighter" than the sound of his voice is very uplifting. Huh? I know that probably didn't make any sense to anyone but me, LOL. And I do not know how to describe things in musical terms. Oh well. It was very nice. That we can all understand;o)

Betsy's girl said...

I totally agree, and I know exactly what you mean! It's as if they have made peace with both sides, and are using their music to share just the truth! (now THAT may not make sense!)
I was blown away by the video, too. It was made by an "amateur" artist (Annie Poon) for the contest on Coldplay's website! Hope she wins!!!