Tuesday, December 16, 2008


About a year ago I babysat my pastor's little boy so he and his wife could go to "a show". In the hip(ster) neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, "a show" does not mean a movie (common... $12 per person plus subway fare?! whatever) or anything anywhere near Broadway.
Being new parents, they called to check in (from a noisy concert-sounding event) about an hour or so later. Monique wanted to make sure everything was okay because they were going "on" and wouldn't be able to answer the cell phone until their set was over. (as if they wouldn't have answered mid-set... or even turned it off, I'm sure)
huh. "their set?", so they were in the band? I didn't think much of it, because in Brooklyn it is not particularly uncommon to be doing one thing or another on various stages in the area. And I knew that they were good friends with Sufjan Stevens (he's the Vito from Vito's Ordination Song), so I just figured that maybe Sufjan needed some back-up or something.
I tend to prefer the babysitting to going out and being among people more hip (and young) than myself, so I never inquired about where I might catch their next "set".

Then I moved from here

to here

And miss everything about what I left behind so much it's hard to focus on anything else.
Oh, and I was just lamenting about the things I always meant to do but didn't do in the 6+ years I lived in NY... like ice skating and taking pictures of the most beautiful church I had ever seen in my life, where God showed up and sat by me in the old wooden pews and soothed my sorrow with that lovely "old church" smell, and held me tight in the arms of his people, and spoke to me through a man that signs even casual emails with "your servant" (and he means it). Yeah, I've really been wishing I could see those stained glass windows again.
So, anyway, I stumbled across this album on itunes today, and later the following video on youtube. And tonight I am just so homesick, I can't stop the tears. But also thankful for the feeling, because I can't say I've ever been connected enough to miss a place like I miss my home there. Thanks, Vito and Monique (and the lovely Church in your care)... for being my servants.


Sierra said...

I love that! I love the way she looks at him. The whole thing is just so sweet!!!

Laurie said...

Hi Heather. I wanted to thank you for your super sweet comment on spoonflower about my designs. And then I read your post...I too am missing Brooklyn and NYC like crazy. I was only there for 2-1/2 years but I feel like it's been ingrained into my soul. When I decided to get out of advertising and focus on design (and getting my life back!) I had to make the really hard decision leave the city. Wasn't at all ready to go, but just couldn't justify the cost of staying without a "real" job. So, here I am back in Austin. Loving it, but really miss the city. I lived in Bklyn Heights and I think that it's the most fantastic little spot on earth. Was watching TV the other night and some show showed the Promenade and I too burst into tears. So... this is a VERY long comment letting you know that I think NYC misses us too...

Nesting Momma said...

I love this..breathless. I posted it here too ( below) because more need to experience their sweetness, the Lord using them to touch our aching hearts-